As a dancer Karalee Kuchar grew up using movement as an entry point into the depths of her own creative mind. Her visual work is a fusion of figure and landscape. She believes it is through movement that we can discover the source of our opposition and ultimately free ourselves of it. Moving through nature with her camera as witness, Karalee creates images that explore the struggle we experience in liminal spaces. By exploring earthly and spiritual connections through interaction, she seeks to discover the union of these relationships in order to unveil their elemental sources and to seek change.

Karalee received her formal training from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, receiving an MFA in 2017 and a BFA in 2010. Her work was recently on view in Korea for Artfairs Seoul, and in new York CIty at the soho photo gallery for the National Alternative Processes Competition. Karalee was recently selected as one of twenty photographers to be included in a limited edition portfolio titled DE|MARCATION: A Survey of Contemporary Photography in Utah.

“Karalee Kuchar is an exceptional artist whose skill and vision situate her as an important contemporary artist using performance, video and photography to address highly personal and universal themes. I place her in the same genre as Bill Viola. Her powerful work is informed by a strong conceptual understanding of the human psyche, outsider art, performance as a ritual act and the history of still and moving images. She is a transdisciplinary artist who is pushing the boundaries of photography and combining still and moving images with performance as a form of meditative or spiritual practice. Her work is brave and authentic. I think so many people are moved by the work because of the vulnerability she is not afraid to show. I believe we need more of this type of work in these divisive times where erecting boundaries has replaced building bridges of connection.”

Beth Krensky