is a fine art photographer and performance artist. She received her formal training from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, receiving an MFA in 2017 and a BFA in 2010. Karalee is currently living and working in Seattle, Washington.

Her work was recently on view at Walker Fine Art Gallery in Denver Colorado for the Month of Photography exhibit Unexplored Terrain. Her work has also been included in the Photoplace gallery in Vermont for the exhibits Water, In Celebration of Trees and Stories and Secrets. Karalee received "Best of Show" from the Plates to Pixels 2016 annual show, Intimate Alchemy.


Karalee has an extensive background in dance and movement which she incorporates into her performances documented by her camera. She believes it is through movement that we can discover the source of our opposition and ultimately free ourselves of it over time.

Her work incorporates photography and performance to explore themes of light versus darkness and the struggle we experience in liminal spaces. Influenced by her study of movement and dance, she performs for the camera and later assembles the images to create a map of time unique to her experience. Karalee’s work is a fusion of figure and landscape that occupies a unique space somewhere between the still photograph and the moving image. By exploring earthly and spiritual connections through interaction, she seeks to discover the union of these relationships in order to unveil their elemental sources and to seek change.