MFA students at the University of Utah collaborate to create an interim show titled ART!

Last year as we sat discussing Grayson Perry's book Playing to the Gallery, the title was easily agreed upon as a playful way to represent our cohort and our journey to understanding our place in the art world. What better way to put an exclamation mark on our development through graduate school and the creative process which lead to the development of this show! 

Preservation Through the Landscape In-between

This piece represents the preservation of relationships through space, time and distance. Falling asleep requires a certain vulnerability and trust in the person next to us. Using the Great Salt Lake to represent a landscape of preservation, the figures overlap through space, even if they do not exist in the same place at the same time. The visual dreamscapes intend to represent the dream like in-between space we seek to connect to the ones we love. 

ART! is available to view at the Gittins Gallery in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Utah. 

January 9-27, 2017