Taft Nicholson Artist Residency

Self Portrait 

Self Portrait 

A mere five hour drive from Salt Lake City, two of my peers and I took a road trip to join some fellow artists from the University of Utah to spend a couple weeks at the Taft Nicholson Artist Residency in Centennial Valley, Montana. It was a positive and energizing experience that left me feeling rejuvenated and creatively fulfilled.

Real Life Benefits:

  • Fresh Montana air and an open landscape for creative thinking.
  • Unplug! No internet or cell service except for emergencies and a few phone calls to say goodnight to my one and only. 
  • Wide open spaces, trails, lakes, and mountains to explore and get inspired by.
  • Time! Day after day of endless creativity and good company.
  • Fellow students and friends to share new ideas with, and get feedback on works in progress.
  • Cyanotype alternative process. Just add sun and water! My two favorite things.
  • Early morning sunrise photoshoots - for when you can't sleep.
  • Birding! Owls, bald eagles, hawks, cranes, and more!
  • Daily group hikes - don't forget the bear spray!
  • Rooming with two awesome ladies- one made a bird coffin and the other speaks to the cows.
  • Delicious meals with the gang. Don't forget the potato donuts!
  • Evenings sharing works in progress, playing games and sharing stories.

Plates To Pixels: Intimate Alchemy - BEST OF SHOW

Intimate Alchemy


Juried by Blue Mitchell

I would venture to warn against too great intimacy with artists as it is very seductive and a little dangerous.

–Queen Victoria

Theme: Intimate Alchemy


  1. associated in close personal relations: an intimate friend.
  2. characterized by or involving warm friendship or a personally close or familiar association or feeling: an intimate greeting.
  3. very private; closely personal: one’s intimate affairs.
  4. characterized by or suggesting an atmosphere conducive to privacy or intimacy; warmly cozy: an intimate little café where we can relax and talk.
  5. (of an association, knowledge, understanding, etc.) arising from close personal connection or familiar experience.
  6. engaged in or characterized by sexual relations: too young to handle an intimate relationship.
  7. (of women’s clothing) worn next to the skin, under street or outer garments: a store that sells intimate apparel.
  8. detailed; deep: a more intimate analysis.
  9. showing a close union or combination of particles or elements: an intimate mixture.
  10. inmost; deep within.
  11. of, relating to, or characteristic of the inmost or essential nature; intrinsic: the intimate structure of an organism.
  12. of, relating to, or existing in the inmost depths of the mind: intimate beliefs.


  1. an intimate friend or associate, especially a confidant.

Juror: Plates to Pixels Curator Blue Mitchell

(Born in Montana, US 1974) Blue Mitchell is an independent publisher, curator, educator, and photographer. Based in Portland, Oregon, he has been involved with many facets of the photographic arts. After Mitchell received his BFA from Oregon College of Art & Craft he started a publishing company (One Twelve Publishing) that focuses on hand-crafted photography. One Twelve’s photographic annual Diffusion is internationally distributed and respected. In 2015, One Twelve published their first monograph book Contact by large format photographer Jake Shivery. In addition to their printing endeavors, One Twelve also runs the online photographic gallery Plates to Pixels.

Source: http://platestopixels.com/blog/exhibitions...